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Our Treatments

Bellissimo Day Spa provide a wide range of luxurious beauty treatments by our experienced Beauty Therapists in Ashburton. Our Beauty Therapists cater for all your beauty therapy essentials and special occasion requirements.

Facials, Massage, Body Bronzing, Packages, Microdermabrasion, IPL, Hair Removal, Electrolysis, Eye Enhancements, Eyelash Extensions, Make up, Wedding Make Up, Waxing and Nail Enhancements.

Sothys Facials

Ampoule Therapy Facial :: $119

Energising and complete skin maintenance. Fundamental facial for individual skin types and correcting skin imbalances.

Clinical Peel Add On :: $25

The Glysalac professional peel is formulated with Glycolic and Salicylic acid for a gentle yet effective exfoliating action.

Seasonal Facial :: $110

An original Sothys concept combining chronobiology, oxygenation and delicious natural seasonal fruit extracts, to reveal the skin’s radiance each season.

Clincal Peel Add On :: $25

The Glysalac professional peel is formulated with Glycolic and Salicylic acid for a gentle yet effective exfoliating action.

Youth It - Anti Ageing :: $170

An intensive treatment that can be adapted to a skin of any age. The ultimate, non-invasive anti-aging professional treatment.

Pure Escape :: $109

This is a relaxing facial that gives you an anti-stress treatment bestowing luminosity and radiance to the skin. A fabulous sensorial experience, this includes a facial massage and a mask resulting in a soothed mind and relaxed body.

Vitamin C Infusion Facial :: $119

A relaxing and revitalising facial using Sonophoresis to penetrate Vitamin C deeper into the skin and intensify its anti-aging process

Organics Radiance Facial :: $90

In the heart of the nature this express treatment with a fresh scent awakens the skin and gives it instant radiance. The alliance of sensoriality and efficiency in the Sothys Organics ® organic certified facial treatment.

Dive into the heart of nature enjoy a moment of deep relaxation thanks to a deeply relaxing face and cocooning massage.

Mini Bliss :: $70

Your mini escape from the world. Cleanse, tone, exfoliate and massage, followed by a serum and moisturiser to suit your skin.

LED Light Therapy Facial :: $80

LED stimulates blood flow to the dermis layer of your skin, causing an increase in production of collagen and elastin.
This can also be used to help treat and reduce active acne and acne bacteria (Propionibacterium)

Collagen Induction Therapy


Collagen Induction Therapy :: $170

Collagen is essential for healthy, plump skin, however as we age, our collagen production slows which can cause skin to lose firmness and sag. Collagen Induction Therapy is suitable for most people. We use a dermal pen consisting of extremely fine needles. These cause pin pricks within the dermis (secondary) layer of the skin. When our skin is damaged, it produces collagen tissue, which is stronger, and firmer than before. Over a course of treatments collagen fibres are strengthened and the skin becomes stronger, smoother, and firmer, with improved texture. Collagen Induction is also an effective facial treatment for acne scarring, rosacea and sun pigmentation. The downtime is relatively short, in fact most people notice the redness and swelling reduce within a few hours.

What to expect after a course of Treatments:

  • Improved skin texture
  • Restored elasticity
  • Softer lines
  • Increased skin tightness
  • Reduced appearance of scarring


Using the powers of vacuum and exfoliation, with our Diamond Head Machine, the outer layers of your skin are gently removed. This is an exfoliation and skin rejuvenation procedure that leaves skin looking softer and brighter.

You can expect the following changes to your skin:

  • Clearer, soft, polished skin
  • Improvement in blocked pores and acne
  • Refinement of pores
  • Softening of fine wrinkles and scars
  • Reduction in pigmented blotches and marks on your skin

Microderm :: $80

Microderm with Glycolic :: $105

Glycolic peels give fantastic results, freshening of the skin, thinning the stratum corneum and thickening the dermis. Perfect for uneven complexions and people concerned with the effects of ageing.

Facial Enhancements

Dermatech Marine Mask :: $30

A soothing, cooling, and hydrating treatment mask. The formulation is rich in Marine extracts, Vitamins A and E to nourish and replenish all skin types.

Ultrasound :: $30

This treatment uses high level sound wave technology to penetrate facial products deep into the epidermis, promoting cell repair and muscle toning for a more youthful look to the skin. Perfect for dull, lifeless skin as an add on to any facial.

Sonophoresis :: $30

This treatment is for infusing serums with active ingredients, such as Vitamin C or Vitamin A into the deep layers of the skin, achieving a youthful, brighter, healthier long-lasting result. Add on to any facial for an optimal appearance.

LED Light Therapy Add On :: $30

The perfect finish to any facial, Use to increase the blood flow and stimulate production of collagen and elastin or use it for its calming effects on the skin after a Microderm or CIT treatment.


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage :: $59

Back, arms, shoulders and neck massage, the main places where tension accumulates. The pressure of this massage may vary according with preference, being softer and relaxing or a deep and energising treatment.

Full Body Relaxing Massage :: $85

The traditional relaxing massage, also known as Swedish massage, is performed with exotic Pure Fiji oils that incorporate relaxing essences. With slow, deep, and engaging movements, it is ideal for a deep relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage :: $80

Pregnancy massage can help you relax and unwind. Therapeutic massage techniques designed especially for expectant mothers can help you relax, relieve muscle tension, improve your circulation, and give you that self-nurturing time out.

Body Massage with Exfoliation :: $120

Full body exfoliation using a sugar rub to make your skin feel smoother and softer whilst nourishing your skin. This is then followed by a relaxing massage.

Foot Massage :: $20

Foot massage improves circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension, and often eases pain.

Sensation Orientals :: $140

This exceptional spa treatment features an exfoliating syrup to gently exfoliate the skin before a one-of-a-kind handmade scrubbing claystone is used to energise the skin. Hot towels are then used to remove the exfoliating syrup before warm nourishing amber nectar and date oil is massaged into the body.

Hanakasumi :: $140

A unique cherry blossom & lotus scented protocol of Japanese inspiration: Treat the entire body to an enzymatic peeling, relaxing massage and foot massage in this nourishing, delicately perfumed, well-being ritual.

Spray Tans

A quick and safe alternative to tanning. We use a solution to suit your skin tone, leaving you with a natural tan that lasts up to 7 days.

Full Body :: $50

Chest up, Knees down :: $40

Legs only :: $28


We welcome groups celebrating a range of occasions. From a girls’ day out, to a hen’s or bridal party, to a corporate function or a birthday, bond with your group in this relaxing environment.

Indulgence Package :: $240

Sothys Seasonal Facial and Sensational Orientals Body Treatment.

Tension and Toes :: $130

Back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a pedicure.

Treatment Trio :: $230

Pure escape facial – a manicure and a pedicure.

Treatment Bliss :: $300

Firming facial, full body massage and an eye treat.

Pamper Me :: $210

Full body massage, a manicure and a pedicure.

Manicure & Pedicure Package :: $130

Spa Manicure & Pedicure Package :: $199

Spa Group Booking Policies: To make a group booking please contact us and let us know the number of guests and the preferred date, we advise to book these events at least 4-6 weeks prior. In order to secure and confirm your group booking we do require a minimum of 20% deposit at time of booking. For any cancellations or adjustments to group bookings we require a minimum or 48 hours notice to avoid any loss of payments made towards the event.

Eye Treatments


Brow tidy :: $25

Brow Map and Shape :: $50

Includes mapping the brow, wax and trim

Colour Styling :: $23

With a selection of colours available, we match your skin tone and eye colour to find the ideal colour for your brows.

Hybrid Dye and Shape :: $65

Hybrid Brow Dye lasts up to 10 ten days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hairs, this includes a brow shape to tidy up the brows

Brow Trio :: $100

This is the ultimate in Brow services, This includes Hybrid Brow Dye, Lamination and a brow shape

Lamination :: $70

Doesn’t include shape or tint

Eye Retreat :: $30

This is the perfect pampering for your eyes you can have alone or add to any treatment, it includes our hydrating and cooling rubber mask for your eyes and a massage of the eye contour area.

Brow Henna :: $60

Creating a blanket of colour over the brow hair, coating the top layers of the hair cuticle only and leaving the skin with a tattoo effect. This lasts up to 14 days on the skin and up to 5 weeks on the hair.


Colour Styling :: $30

With a selection of colours available, we match your skin tone and eye colour to find the ideal colour for your lashes.

Perming (includes colour styling) :: $65

Enhance your lashes with a curl that will last up to 4 weeks.

Eye Treat :: $62

Eyebrow tidy and colour styling of brows and lashes

Deluxe Eye Treat :: $99

Lash Perm, Brow tidy and colour styling of the brows and lashes.

Lash Extensions

Perfect for any occasion. Adds fullness and glamour to your appearance.

Full Set :: $95

40-50 lashes per eye.

Top up 2 weeks :: $55

Top up 3 weeks :: $60

Flirt Set :: $75

15-20 lashes on the outer corners of the eye.

Top up 2 weeks :: $45

Top up 3 weeks :: $52

Removal of Lashes :: $30

Make Up

Prom Queen :: $55

Wedding Make Up :: $90

Includes trial. Ask about the bridal party.

Natural Nail Treats

Manicure :: $55

A treat for your nails and hands including hand soak, shaping, cuticle work, cuticle conditioning, hand cream and polish applied.

Spa Manicure :: $96

Your hands receive this indulgent treat. Hand soak, dry skin exfoliation, hand arm massage, cuticle work and cuticle conditioning finished with a paraffin wax treatment and polish applied.

Pedicure :: $80

A treat for your feet, including a foot soak, nail shaping, cuticlework, dry skin exfoliation, nail buff and polish applied.

Spa Pedicure :: $110

An indulgent treat for your feet. Foot soak, nail shaping, cuticle work, dry skin exfoliation, foot and lower leg massage fol-lowed by a paraffin treatment and polish applied.
*Please bring jandals or open toed shoes for pedicures

Pedicure with Gel Polish :: $96

Nail Shape and Polish :: $40

Toe Polish :: $42

Nails Shaped only :: $20

Nail Enhancements

Gel Enhancements - New Set :: $85

Gel nails are a softer, more flexible alternative to acrylic. The Gel is applied in layers like a thick nail polish, each layer is cured under a UV light.

Nail Rebalance :: $65

Includes up to 2 repairs

Nail Rebalance with Gel Polish :: $75.50

Nail Rebalance :: $80

From another salon other than Bellissimo day spa or longer than 4 weeks since last rebalance

Nail Enhancement Removal :: $50

Nail Enhancement Repair :: $18 per nail

Gel Polish New Set :: $52

Colour at the speed of light, gel polish is applied like a traditional nail polish then cured under a LED light. Flawless colour that lasts.

Gel Polish Colour change :: $63

The follow up maintenance treatment for Gel Polish.

Gel Polish Removal :: $30

Gel Polish Repair :: $15 per nail


The most popular form of removing unwanted body hair temporarily. We use both strip and hot wax.

First Time Brazilian :: $65

Brazilian Maintenance :: $58

1⁄2 Leg Wax :: $34

3⁄4 Leg Wax :: $44

Full Leg Wax :: $52

Full Leg and Bikini :: $80

Bikini Line :: $37

Advanced Bikini :: $45

Under Arm Wax :: $26

Forearm Wax :: $30

Lip or Chin :: $21

Lip and Chin :: $35

Chest Wax :: $55

Back Wax :: $55

Full Face :: $40

(does not include eyebrow shape)


A method for permanent hair removal, using electrical currents to gradually weaken and eliminate unwanted hair. We necessitate a consultation before treatment commences, to assess your suitability for the electrolysis treatment. All needles used are disposed of at the end of each treatment.

Electrolysis :: $33 15 mins

Electrolysis :: $46 30 mins

IPL Hair Removal

Consultation :: $10

Between brows :: $40

Upper Lip :: $55

Lower Lip :: $55

Cheeks :: $65

Chin :: $65

Jaw :: $75

Side of Face :: $95

Full Face :: $150

Neck :: $70

Underarms :: $99

Bikini :: $99

Advanced Bikini :: $120

Brazilian :: $150

Nipple :: $40

Foot :: $40

Upper Back :: $150

Lower Back :: $150

Full Back :: $280

Tummy Line :: $60

Hands :: $40

Upper Arm :: $110

Lower Arm :: $110

Full Arm :: $200

Upper Leg :: $199

Lower Leg :: $199

Full Leg :: $355

Skin Rejuvenation

Consulation :: $10

Full Face :: $240

Half Face :: $150

Top Lip :: $59

Chin or Jaw Line :: $80

Forehead :: $90

Cheeks :: $115

Front of Neck :: $85

One Hand :: $65